About the artist

Elisabeth Arbuckle is a graphic designer by training, an art teacher by experience and a forever artist by practice.

Born in Wales, she attended art schools in the U.K. which is where she also started her career, teaching art in England, The Bahamas as well as in Canada.

“Teaching gave me the opportunity to share my love and enjoyment of art and creativity, but to also receive new ideas, to share different approaches and to create a visual dialogue with the students".

Elisabeth has recently retired. While previously she had to balance finding creative time with a busy family life and a full time career, she now is able to spend time at her studio whenever she wishes.

Elisabeth currently maintains a studio at The Nepean Creative Arts, Stafford Studios where the public can view her artwork by appointment. She also exhibits her work with a number of groups around Ottawa, including

The Crichton Street Gallery


Foyer Gallery  http://foyergallery.com

OMMA  http://www.omma.co

Arteast http://www.arteastottawa.com

Nepean Fine Arts League http://nepeanfinearts.com

Read more about Elisabeth at Ottawa Life Magazine February / March 2016   https://issuu.com/ottawalifers/docs/olm_feb_2016